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Prize giving photography

Getting the right type of photography for your prize giving is really important. High quality photographs need to be taken however the photography should not distract attention or slow down the event. We have the perfect solution.

How we work

We take our photographs throughout the prize giving ceremony without any need for the prize winner to pause for a photograph to be taken.

Using the latest wireless camera technology - the photographs are sent wirelessly to our production area where the photographs are colour corrected, edited and printed.

These prints are ready for the prize winners to collect at the end of the ceremony.

We allow your prize winners to take away a permanent record of their achievement, and they really appreciate the opportunity to take away a lasting memory. For school prize givings, this helps parents build up a portfolio of their child’s achievement’s throughout their education.

Plus – we cost you absolutely nothing! We’re even happy to give you a complementary set of five digital photos from your first show for all of your marketing needs. This means that there’s no need to hire an external (and often expensive!) photographer to take your publicity shots.

We can also set up a formal photographic studio to allow families of the prize winners to have photographs taken to remember the day.

All photographs can be branded with logos, images and titles.


Please click on the images below to view the complete photograph:


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