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Sports tournament photography

We provide professional photography for sports tournaments across the UK. The photographs can be viewed and ordered immediately on tablet computers, using the ‘Splaat Photo App’!

How we work

We come to your tournament before your participants arrive to set up our professional instant printing facility.

We take our photographs throughout the course of your tournament and make these available to view immediately. The competitors and their families can view the photographs using our custom built ‘Splaat Photo App’ on our tablet computers. Photographs can be shortlisted, customised and ordered directly from within the app.

All orders are printed immediately and are available for collection within 30 seconds.

Participants love what we do. We allow them to take away a permanent record of their achievement, and they really appreciate the opportunity to take away a lasting memory.

We take complete control of the process to take away any stress from you and your team, leaving you free to focus on your tournament. Our compact setup also allows us to work in the smallest of spaces.

Plus – we’ll give you commission on our sales! Our commission promise means that we’ll beat the commission offered to you by any of our competitors.

We’re also happy to give you a complementary set of five digital photos from your first tournament for all of your marketing needs, meaning there’s no need to hire an external (and often expensive!) photographer to take your publicity shots.

Please use the quick enquiry form to the right if you're interested in having us take photographs of your tournament, or for any more information please contact us.


Please click on the images below to view the complete photograph:


Contact Us

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